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Bristol Spirit Bottle Shop

We have a bottle shop, specialising in drinks produced by women, as well as locally made products including beer, cider, wine and low/no alcohol products, as well as our range of spirits, cocktail kits and gift sets. We will also be selling masks, birthday cards, plants & crisps.

You can buy from the shop on the day or use our click & collect service via our online shop - please note if you order for click & collect we need 24 hours to prep orders.


Bristol Spirit in Redfield is reopening with a new female-focused off licence in addition to its existing bar. Owned by Espensen Spirit, which make naturally infused spirits, the bottle shop will be open to the public from Saturday July 4th for purchases of beer, cider, wine and low/no alcohol products, as well as the brand’s range of spirits, cocktail kits and gift sets. Bristol Spirit will still also continue to stock Bristol and South West drinks companies.


“There are an increasing number of fantastic female owned or produced drinks businesses, and this is the perfect opportunity to open a specialist bottle shop showcasing the best of them.” 
She added that “We are extremely well placed to operate safe physical distancing both in and outside of Bristol Spirit. Our outside space is ideal too, as we are in the middle of a residential area with plenty of space to queue safely and with free parking.” 

“Navigating through these uncertain times has certainly been a challenge, and it's exciting that bars are able to begin to reopen doors in some form. We are proud to have our quality beers available at the fabulous Bristol Spirit, alongside some of the best women producers in our industry. We wish Sam and the team every success going forward and thank you for supporting independent business.”

Annie Clements, Co-Founder, Lost & Grounded


“It’s great to see the quick adaptation from bar to off license that Sam is facilitating with Espensen Spirit. We’re very proud to be chosen as one of her main suppliers and look forward to working together to raise the profile of female drinks producers.” 

Ingrid Bates, Founder, Dunleavy Wines


“In showcasing a range of brands from female owners and producers, Sam has really given consumers young and old an extra layer to their shopping experience. Personally, I hope that in highlighting the diverse range of products and flavour profiles from female producers in this way, it encourages even more women of any age to consider the drinks industry as a career option, whether that be as a producer through to a managing director.”

Hannah Rhodes, Founder, Hiver Beer


Challenging the status quo as a business is always hard, so I’m really delighted at this new venture, as studies have show that in the world of craft beer, openly identifying as a woman producer on your packaging can have an impact on whether people will choose to buy it or not and also their expectations for how it good it is. So, challenging that is key in creating a more inclusive environment for women to enter not only the beer business, but other aspects of production and entrepreneurship in what are perceived to be “male” products too.”

Melissa Cole, Award-winning Beer & Food Writer

The female owned/co-owned/produced drinks brands include Dunleavy Wines, Hiver Beer, Lost & Grounded, Arbor Ales, Thatchers Cider and of course, Espensen Spirit.

Opening Hours

Thursday - Friday, 18:00 to 21:30
Saturday, 17:00 to 21:30
Sunday - Wednesday, Closed

You can use click & collect from our online shop or visit the shop in person.

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